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Nigel Irens is one of Britain's most prolific boat designers. Many of his designs live in the fast lane of the world's oceans- globecircling, racing multihulls that break new ground in both design and the use of technology.

















Yet the boating world was surprised when, in 1994, he designed and built a boat for his personal use that was firmly rooted in the classic tradition. That boat, Roxane, is a 29 ft (8.9 m) yawl-rigged, shallow-draught lugger with a working boat influence. OK, fitted with kit such as carbon fibre main mast and yard, she has her shareof modern technology on board, but she brings to mind a Cornish or Bretons lugger. In fact, Roxane was inspired by a Shetland Island fishing boat that Nigel once owned. As it was, the prototype aroused such interest that before long the ccraft was put into production.


A year later, it became clear to Nigel that there was a market for a smaller, more modestly priced version of Roxane ans so the concept of the Romilly, was born. She was to be a 22 ft (6.7m) shoal-draft, fast day-sailer and a comfortable small cruiser that could be trailed to otherwise out-of-reach waters.


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