ROMILLY Multi Purpose Vessel (MPV) “BEST OF BOTH WORLDS” Though originally designed to become one of the best sailing luggers, ROMILlY also turned out to be one of the first true small MPV’s (Multi Purpose Vessel) on the market. The very same modern features that give ROMILLY her nice sailing characteristics, also can change her into real fine launch!Imagine one day you and your ROMILLY decide to visit the famous midsummer night “Prinsengracht Concert” on the canals of Amsterdam. Not really the place to be with a sailing lugger one would say! Not for ROMILLY! Just raise her centre-board, lift her light weight, unstayed, carbon masts and there she is, ready to go. Now dress her with a nice flag on her elegantly shaped rudder and find out how she will show off as the “Lady in Red”. “BUY NOW, SAIL LATER” Suppose hoisting the sail is not (yet) your cup of tea. That is why you are looking for a launch. A nice launch that is a pleasure to the eye. Not just one of those plastic boats, but a real launch with that good old feeling of wood. If possible it should be one of those few small boats that give you that big boat feeling. A boat that you stand “in”, rather than on. The ROMILLY MPV might very well be that special boat you are looking for. With her nice cuddy, toilet, large comfortable cockpit, cooking unit, deck shower, etc. she offers all you were looking for, and even more…. Suppose one day you find out that your passion takes more than just listening to the heart beat of an engine all the time. It might happen that you get caught by that crazy thing called “sailing”! “Don’t worry, be happy”! The ROMILLY comes with a built in cure, we call it “MPV”. All you have to do is buy yourself a nice set of carbon masts. No breaking up, no questions asked, no prescription needed no adjustments to be made! Just plug in your unstayed masts, hoist your sails and get sailing: “Back to the future”!
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