Carbon Classic Masts


Carbon Classic Masts® is a registered trade mark of CoCoBe for marketing their famous round masts, yards and booms. Well known are our unstayed masts for the ROMILLY an Roxane, two famous gaff rigged luggers from the board of Nigel Irens. We standard produce a complete range of round mast sections for boats up to 35 ft.


Carbon Classics Masts® are manufactured from the best pre-impregnated materials available. Middle and high modules carbo fibres are used pre-impregnated with a toughened epoxy resin. These materials are laminated into a negative mould system and cured with 3 atmospheres of pressure.




- Carbon, Delrin, aluminium, stainless steel, or bronze fittings are custom made when necessary

- Cones for unstayed masts

- Glass insulations patches at fittings

- Aramide fibre chafe protection where needed






Letter from a delighted customer


"Some time ago I started on the construction of the Romilly spv, although the design allows for wooden spars, carbon fiber is the ideal material.


A search started in order to find who had the moulds as the original builder had sold them onwards.


After some time and quite a few exchanges I was directed to Ad Leeuwenburgh who had just bought all the molds for the Romilly and had started building the first boat.

Ad has been extremely helpful with providing information on the boat and after receiving a quote for the manufacturing of the spars an order was placed.


During the construction period Ad has kept informed with work done including pictures etc and work was completed well within schedule (unlike with my schedule building the boat) packed carefully and professionally and shipped to Greece arriving in perfect condition.


Given this opportunity and I would like to thank you Ad for all your help and assistance rendered and wish you continued success with boatbuilding.


All the best"

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