Integrated Battery Assist™ (IBA™)



Integrated Battery Assist™ (IBA™) is the answer to the main question always asked when using an electric engine: will we be able to reach the other shore? So what is the IBA™?


IBA™ sounds complicated but it is actually very simple. IBA™ is a Full Hybrid system. Implementing IBA™ will double your energy supply on board by using a small battery unit and a small generator unit. Combined these two small sources will turn into a big power “plant”. This technology perfectly fits CONCORD’s philosophy of “less is more”, which is increasingly becoming a way of living in which we all do our share to take care of our planet.


How does it work? If the system requires a lot of power over a longer period of time the generator can “assist” the batteries and vice versa. In doing so, IBA™ assures you a twice as reliable source of energy in combination with lots of power - all of this over an extensive period of time. These are all unique features that are especially important when motoring into waves, wind and current, manoeuvering in harbours and locks, cooking, and last but not least: being 100% self-sufficient.


As the battery and the generator set both are small the system requires little room and has limited weight. The weight of the whole system is less compared with the weight of a conventional combustion engine. This makes IBA™ especially interesting for small (sailing) boats where room and weight always are a problem.


As the generator set is small and can be removed in a minute the servicing of the system is easier and cheaper. At the end of the season you just take the generator home. This could also be useful in the winter should you suffer a power cut. There will be plenty of energy for your heating, cooking, refrigerator etc.


The new Romilly 23 Full Hybrid* has been fitted with IBA™ and a new 4 kW water-cooled engine to assure max. efficiency of the complete system.


In combination with her very nicely shaped hull Romilly only needs 700 Watts to achieve a cruising speed of 5 knots, which is extremely good! As a result on a limited set of batteries one can cruise the whole day! Very important in “silence areas” or places where combustion engines are not allowed. The maximum speed is 7 knots.

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